Tips: Weekend eating out

When weekend comes around on Friday or Thursday for some of us, so many time we find ourselves overeating even not realizing that we do not want that particular food any more but still continue to eat and drink until we are sick and cannot eat another bite or drink another drink and even smell of alcohol make sick to our stomach. Why not make a choice to have a glass of wine and enjoy that meal instead of going overboard and then feeling guilty. Food and guilt has nothing to do which each other unless we make that connection and feed our feelings. Instead of ignoring the fact that food does not satisfy you any more make a choice to free yourself today.

The bottom line is that if it supposed to make you feel good and happy why are you miserable, guilty, and depressed. May be there is a new way to take control of your emotions and old ways worked before but it does not look like they are doing a good job any more. So all I am asking for you to be open and explore.

P.S. Rome was not build in a day so do not expect changes right away but over time one day you will wake up and see that you opened a new chapter in your life and it is so much better, full of happiness, piece of mind, as a toned midsection. Nice side effect, what do you guys think?