Happiness – The Journey: Joyfull Grace

A few nights ago, as usual, I red to my son before he went to sleep. I looked up and he was out like the lights. I got up to turn of the X-mas tree (yes I am one of those people who have their X-mas tree up until March) when he woke up and asked me to stay with him. So I lied down next to him, he gently took my hand, turned to his side, and put it under his cheek. I could feel his breath on my skin. I felt his soft babe skin and momentarily a wave of piece and joy and bliss came all over me. Is not it amazing how it just takes over and nothing in the world mattes any more.

The thing is, I am also one of those people who constantly worry about this and that. But next time anxiety kicked in high gear, I closed my eyes, inhaled, and took my self back to that peaceful moment and suddenly grace and compassion, and gratitude replaced all the uncertainty and worry. So next time when you feel like you cannot go on just close your eyes and take yourself to a moment when you were really happy and let that feeling take over so you can take on your day.