MTRW Focus: Toned and Shapely Arms

I am planning on posting the next day workout a day before so you can have it in case you are going to the gym in the morning and are on a schedule.

That said, this workout is for tomorrow, Thursday. This is a short week but I still need to get my upper body to be able to do 10 full ROM pull-up consecutively our Bi’s & Tri’s routine will have a bit of a twist to help us get our goal.

So here is your workout for today.

Warm up for 5-10 min.

Perform each exercise in s superset back-to-back, 4 sets of each superset exercise.

Superset 1:

  • Chin-ups  (max reps)
  • Side to side skater – 1min

Superset 2:

  • Triceps push-ups (max reps)
  • High knees – 1min

Superset 3:

  • Lat pull-down machine with biceps focus (use a bar with two handles at the end) – 20-25 reps
  • X pattern boxing hops – 1min

Superset 4:

  • Assisted Dips – 20-25 reps (or max rep if without the wight)
  • Jump Lunge – 1min

Superset 5:

  • Assisted Chin-up – 20-25 reps
  • Decline Leg Raise – 1min

Superset 6:

  • Scull Crushers – 20-25 reps
  • Med ball leg lifts – 1min

Exercise Breakdown:

Med ball leg lift: Lying on a mat place a medicine ball/dumbbell/ankle weights between your calves. Inhale and raise your legs up, contract your core, then exhale and lower your legs without touching the floor. Repeat. Make sure your lower back does not pop up off the floor and is flush against the mat. If it does, you can lower the weight and/or only lower your legs on the decent to the point at which it is about to pop up; thus, preventing lower back injury.

Do not forget to stretch and have your shake to fuel those muscles. I am going a bit lighter on the legs cardio (jumping jacks and such) since Friday will be a lower body day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great day.


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    1. Glad to hear that. Come back for more. In spring I will also start posting workout videos with details on how to do each exercise.

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