POP Lifestyle: Easy as 1-2-3

Easy As 1-2-3 : 1 gallon of water – 2 snacks – 3 meals

To continue on the topic of fueling your body for Peak Optimal Performance (P.O.P) and to add on to our lean lifestyle nutrition posting, here is our P.O.P focus – “Easy as 1-2-3″  – eating 5 times a day.

Just to recap, in my last post “POP Focus: Food Power House For A Lean Lifestyle”
we focused on what the food groups and small changes that we do every day that will eventually add up to a healthy lifestyle choices. The main goal is to provide you with the tools where you can leave your life with optimal health and  avoid constant dieting and a life of deprivation. The goal that we are working toward is to include foods mostly from P.O.P. Power List. However, be patient because most likely you will still have cravings; however, with time your body will notice the difference on how it works when you are eating natural foods and the cravings will subside  dramatically. Make sure that when going grocery shopping you are prepared with a food list and stock your kitchen so you can make healthy choices  when you sit down for a meal or grab a healthy snack when on the go. Consistency is the key for long term results, progress, success, and healthy body and weight.

To build our foundation for strong and lean bodies,  it is vital to understand that most P.O.P. Power List are a low calorie density foods and to meet your nutritional needs you will need to fuel up 5 times a day to satisfy the needs of you body to support  your busy schedule. Plus, do not forget we are mostly water and with all the sweating an d running around you will need to replenish your water supplies to help flush your system naturally and effortlessly.

Eating foods from the P.O.P. Power List 5  times per day is one of the most important strategies for improving health and body composition. Regular eating intervals stimulates your metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar, and helps to maintain lean muscle mass.

This method was used among athletes for a very long time and helped millions of people loose weight and gain lean muscle mass without starvation and deprivation. Look at your every meal as an invitation to give your body important vitamins, minerals, energy, and help you carry on through the day while preventing blood sugar spikes, headaches, water retention, and weight gain.

That said, going ahead lets continue with out P.O.P. Power List foods and split them up so we can get sustainable energy through the day to help us looses weight, gain muscle, and stay lean and strong. Below is a list of healthy P.O.P. snack to get your started. Enjoy.

Great P.O.P. snacks: 1/4 cup cashews, apple or 1/2 apple with 1tbs sunflower butter (unsalted and no added sugar), 1/2 cup grapes/raisins/prunes/dried mangoes, banana, celery , and etc.

Stay healthy, stay fit, stay free.

Have a great weekend.


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