MTRW: Heavenly Arms

Hi guys, our Wednesday Heavenly arm workout us focused around bi’s and tri’s. So try these moves out and give yourself a new reason to smile. Enjoy.

War up | 5-10 min

Perform 4 sets of each exercise in a superset back-to-back without a break  | 20-25 reps per set with an exercise using a weight – this month is the endurance building cycle | max rep for body weight exercises | 1 min for strength-cardio plyo exercise

Superset 1:

  • Triceps push-ups
  • Jump squats

Superset 2:

  • Rope overhead triceps extension
  • Short Sprints

Superset 3:

  • Dips
  • Skater

Superset 4:

  • Chin-ups
  • High knees

Superset 5: 

  • Spider barbell curl*
  • Quick Feet

Superset 6:

  • Standing Hammer Curls
  • But kicks

Abs Bonus Round:

3 sets | 20 reps for each side

  • Plank + knee to nose ab blast

Exercise Breakdown:

Spider biceps curls: Lie face down on an incline bench set an inline bench at 45-degree angle with both legs firmly planted on a ground. Using a shoulder-width grip grasp teh barbell. Keep your chest flush with the bench, curl your bar by bringing your elbows slightly forward. Then bring down while still holding your elbows slightly bend. Repeat.

Stretch and make sure to have a post-workout snack to fuel those hard working muscles.


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