POP Nutrition: Lean Protein Power

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This is our next building bock to help you get on the way in to Peak Optimal Performance (POP).  All we are doing, is adding on to what we talked about thus far and this week we are embracing the power of protein which will provide energy fr training and help you towards building the body of your dreams without starving and deprivation.

During our first POP post (Food Power House For A Lean Lifestyle) we started to include fresh fruits and vegetables into our meals and the goal was to do it whenever possible to help you fill up with fiberfill delights – compliments of our mother nature.  Then, during our second post (Easy as 1-2-3) we were making transition to fueling our body so it does not cannibalize our hard earned muscle.  The goal there was to start planning and feeding your body valuable nutrients at predictable intervals and in a consistent fashion.

This post is all about the power of protein which compliments wonderfully fresh vegetables and whole grains making your meal a powerful and clean natural fuel to help you take on the day. Our bodies are very well in tune with what we need; however, very often we loose touch with what we really need because our day is too packed and we are busy running around between meeting and daycare. And that is just how our lives are these days, nothing wrong with that. But is it not easier to take on the challenges when you feel great and energetic. Through the day we rely on amino-acids and proteins which helps us to speed up our metabolism and without protein it will slow down. Making sure you are getting lean protein with each of your 4 to 5 meals per day can also help to control body fat, ward of cravings, and help you build lean muscle mass.

Lean protein does not just have to be red meat – there are plant base sources (including but not limited to: tofu, black beans, kidney beans, Tempeh), low fat cottage cheese (watch out for sodium), low fat plain yogurt, omega 3 eggs, egg whites, and protein supplements,  and of course fish and poultry – hold the skin please :).

That said, lets include just one more tool in our POP lifestyle toolbox and of source it could be hard to hit the mark 100% all the time but do not  worry, just pick right back up. Because worrying will just make you slip back into the domain of self-loathing and doubt. Instead, make sure you get ready and prepare for the time when you might not have an option to eat healthy, so grab that lunch bag and get packing.

Healthy lifestyle is a choice – So why not make it a healthy one!

Have a great weekend.


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