MTRW: Toned and Hot All Over

Hi  guys,  Today is all about sweating and moving and having fun. So here is your workout:

Warm-up 5-10 min

Part A: Timed Body and Suspension Training Exercises | whole body endurance training and conditioning | set your Gymboss interval timer to 2 rounds of 60 sec work 10 sec rest | no breaks between supersets

  • Superset 1:
    • Bilateral side hurdle hops (use both feet to jump and land)
    • Shoulder press push up
  • Superset 2:
    • Bilateral front hops (use both feet to jump and land)
    • Crab walk
  • Superset 3:
    • High knees lateral hurdle overs (just like high knees but you are moving laterally over the hurdle)
    • Plank to same side elbow to knee crunch

Part B: 5 sets of each exercise | circuit training with no breaks| 20-25 reps per set with an exercise using a weight – endurance & strength building cycle

  • Prone leg curls
  • Dips
  • Swiss ball pike

Cool down and stretch

Have a great day.


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