MTRW: Let It Sweat

Hi guys,

I feel like getting my heart rate up up up. So enjoy this “Let It Sweat” workout.

Warm up: 5-10 min.

Work Part: 3 sets | 15 reps | set up your Gymboss stop watch and see how long it will take you

  • Jump up pull-up + burpee
  • Hurdle lateral hop over + push-up (1 rep is: set up two hurdles, do a lateral hop over one – using both feet to push off and land, bend your knees on landing and take of to get a higher jump and absorb the weight when landing down – then hop over another one jump back into the center, get into a plank and do a wide push up)
  • Bridge get up + jumping jacks (1 rep is: from a prone position get into a bridge, then get back down, straighten you legs, sit up  and do a jumping jack)
  • Triceps narrow push up + side plank (1 rep is: push up plank)

Stretch and enjoy a post-workout snack.



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