MTRW: Knockout Legs

Hi guys,

Summer is coming so we got to whip that tush and legs, make them firm and
strong, so we can show them off naturally. You know, I always though that I like working legs more then upper body but that was just a delusion. The truth is I can barely handle where I get to that point when you get the burn in your leg, at that moment I just want to give up.  No more excuses, tomorrow we are doing leaders, springs, and burpees, i.e. glutes, calf’s, thighs, and core workout. Get ready for the Knockout Legs.

Workout breakdown: 3 rounds | set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 120 sec work x 20 sec rest | UGI ball or soft medicine ball 12 LB

  • UGI ball burpee + jumping jack
  • Leader quick feet
  • UGI  Plank slalom
  • Leader hop scotch
  • UGI Mountain climber + hip thrust
  • Leader double lateral bounds

Exercises breakdown:

  • UGI jump squat + burpee: Start in a pushup position with your hands on the ball, shoulders back and away form your ears, legs extended out straight. Engage your core and jump feet into a low squat, power up into a jumping jack bringing your hands over your head. Repeat.


  • UGI Plank slalom: Place the soft medicine ball on the ground, get into a plank position forearms on the ball, back flat, balls of feet on floor, knees together. Engage your core and jump with feet together from side-to-side.


  • UGI Mountain climber + hip thrust: Place the soft medicine ball on the ground, get into a pushup position, with bands on the ball. Engage your core do 3 mountain climber, then engage your glutes and kick your left leg back, the drive left knee forward, tap your shin on the ball hold for three seconds, kick left leg back out and up, then repeat on the other side. Keep abs, gluts engaged, and shoulders back down and away from your neck and ears.


  • Leader double lateral bounds: Start start jogging several feet a way form the leader before the start of the drill to gain forward momentum. Once you get close to leader, forcefully push off with the left foot and bring the leg forward. At same time drive your right arm forward. You will be in center of the first square of the leadder. Without stopping,  forcefully push off with the left foot again and bring the leg forward. At same time drive your right arm forward. Then switch legs and repeat on the other side until you go through the length of the leader.



Stretch and enjoy a post-workout shake or banana and buts. Best time to get your carb and burn them off efficiently.
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