MTRW: Pull-up Power – Mad Shoulder Strength

Hi guys,

I know, I talked about my Crunch situation but I would say that I got to talk to one of the a mangers, Rick, and he was understanding and keep trying to reach me even though we kept missing each others calls. I did appreciate that he did not dismiss me. He listened to my side of the story and was sincerely trying to resolve the situation. So I am thinking it might have been just a fluke, you know things sometime happen. I just was so looking forward to working out there and was so upset that the other person did not give me a chance to explain and Rick taking the time and following through really made a difference.

That said here is your friday workout.

Warm-up 5-10 min.

Set your interval timer for 24 rounds |4 exercises | 6 rounds |90 sec work and 10 sec rest

  • Pull-ups
  • Lateral sprints
  • Rolling push-ups
  • Crabby patty

Stretch and enjoy a post-workout shake.

The workout is short but you will feel the burn if you follow through do not let it fool you.


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