POP Lifestyle: Nutrient Cycling For Long-term Fat Loss and Lean Muscle

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As I mentioned before, I do not believe in diets but I do believe in moderation and also eating food as close its natural state and less processed. That approach always game me long-term lasting results. If you did not read about me, I lost gained 85 lb during pregnancy and it did not come of easy. I had to change the way I eat and start exercising again to make long-lasting changes. When I was a teen had bulimia and anorexia issues , unfortunately like so many of the teenagers. I tried many diets and yes, in the past, even when I was 125 lb at my height of 171 cm, I took diet pills and exercised for 4hr a day, every day. Most of the time my attempts brought result at the beginning but I could never maintain the lifestyle, I would get hurt from over-exercising or sick from too much stimulants and not enough nutrition, or overeat during the holidays or parties just not too enough enough for the next several days and then crash again.

That said, I also competed in a competition and took 2nd place in the Fitness Model Division and 6th in the Bikini Division during the OCB Easter Regional Show in April 2011.  The period of preparation was also a big lesson for me and a challenge both physical and emotional. I though I was further along and not as susceptible to other people comments and outside influences. However, it was definitely worth it because I gained a lot and became stronger. I also learned a lot about myself. I also did it naturally without appetite suppressants and stimulants which is unfortunately the choice for fat-loss for many competitors. Also, that is during that time that I discovered that I want to be a personal trainer. So I took the personal trainer certification and started my Yoga training along with the variety of other trainings (Aerial Yoga, Sangbag, Boxing, Kickboxing, TRX, Reiki) that I had an opportunity to take. I met a lot of wonderful, smart, and generous people, both teachers and students. It is definitely a humbling experience. I am looking forward to my upcoming training TACFIT Tactical Combat Training, RKC Kettlebell, Zumba, Power Pilates Instructor Certifications. I use techniques during my workouts but getting the isntructor certification will allow me to teach it to other people.

I got carried away 🙂 Now going back to out topic of nutritional cycling. It is a method that is widely used among bodybuilders, athletes, and competitors to help your body literally shed fat and reveal sexy and lean muscle. Of course, athletes have trainers and dietitian, they know fat/carbs/protein/sodium.potassium breakdown of the food that they eat because their performance is in direct dependency on how they eat. Well, the truth is that everyone’s body functions, workouts, and daily activities depend on the quality of food you eat and just as much on the macro-nutrients breakdown to help you get the body that you want and without dieting and overexercising. And everyone just like any athletes or bodybuilder deserve to have what the body they dream off because I think you are worth it and because it does not have to be painful and so restricting that results never last. That is when depression sets in. That said, I would like to tell you that do not expect everything to suddenly fall into place when you do loose the weight effortlessly (trust me if you follow the POP Lifestyle tip and do the workouts that I post, it will) you have to look at the underlying reasons why is you have allowed yourself to gain all that weight in the first place. Only then you will find happiness and be able to maintain the results. Loose unhealthy access weight for yourself, for you health, and well-being not for anyone else and truly appreciate every step that you take toward healthy and abundant living. That is the key.

So here it is, what I though would a sustainable and practical nutrient cycling for someone who want to loose weight. First, follow the POP Lifestyle tips that I posted:

Those tips will help you effortlessly loose the weight if you have been eating processed, fried, or fatty food.

However, if you have been eating mostly healthy and would like to loose the last 5 or 10 pounds here is an easy way to do so naturally and without deprivation:

  • Eat fiberfill carbs after workout (e.g., quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, Ezekiel bread)
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (besides teas and unsweetened coffee)
  • Have a protein shake before going to sleep (help to prevent muscle cannibalization during sleep)
  • Eat fruits until noon only (fruit is mostly fructose so you will easily burn it of through the day vs loading in the evening or night)
  • For five days out of the week eat carbs (e.g., quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, Ezekiel bread) before 12 pm and only eat vegetable carb sources and protein for the remainder of the day then for the next two days stick to the nutrient rations that I discussed in the portion control post (1 good carb, 1 protein, and 2 vegetable serving | if you have a plate it will be split into 4 part: 1/4 protein, 1/4 starchy carb, 2/4 vegetables | you can increase your protein consumption if hungry and trying to actively put on size).

The possibilities are endless just give it a try. You will be amazed at how easy and sustainable this approach is.

Have a great weekend.


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