MTRW: Whole Body Tune Up

Hi guys,

Since I am starting my competition prep, I will be changing things up for the workout, I am looking to add muscle mass as well all loose a bit of fat. Since I did plyo and body weight training today, tomorrow is  the time for the whole-body weight training routine. It has my favorite basics that are time tasted and proofed to show results as long as you put in the work. ( Picture – 3 months into competition prep for the 2011 OCB Eastern Regional Competition)

Workout Breakdown: 4 set | 25 reps | heavy – 100% of 1 Rep Max | rest 30-60 sec between sets

Sample Exercise



Work Set

Work Set

Dumbbell Biceps Curls


80 %


100 %

10.5 lb

12 lb

13.5 lb

15 lb

You can either alternate lower and upper body, that helps shorten the workout, or do first upper then lower on the same day, or split it into two workouts on separate days if you are short on time.

Lower Body:

  • Barbell Squat
  • Barbell Straight Leg Dead lift
  • Dumbbell Lateral Lunges
  • Dumbbell Backward Lunges
  • Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises

Upper Body:

  • Low Pulley Row
  • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • Dumbbell Chest Press
  • Wide-grip Lat Front Pull-down
  • Dumbbell Biceps Curls
  • Dumbbell Triceps Extensions

Stretch and enjoy a post workout granola snack. Simply Delicious.


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