Transformation Challenge: Getting Ready For Bikini Competition

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After long thinking and going back and forth, I decided that I am ready for another competition. This time it will be NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic on August 25th, 2012. I was planning on competing after the last years OCB Eastern Regional but did not have it in me, was too overwhelmed I think. So this time around I am 5 months out – great time frame, especially since I am still taking my training course and with a child and full time job and volunteering it all adds up, so the extra time will let me ease into the shape that I am looking for without stress but rather planning and plenty of build in rest. Last time I had 4 months. I lost the fat that I was shooting to loose (10lb; 7% body fat loss; 3 sizes’ 7% muscle mass gain). I think I toned up nicely and grabbed the 2nd pace in Fitness Model Division.

Below are my progress pictures form last year:

Start weight – 152lb | end weight – 142 lb | dress size start – 5-6 | dress size end 2-3 | body fat start – 25 % | body fat end – 18% | muscle mass start – 30% | muscle mass end – 37%

Before: Jan 7, 2011               After March 31, 2011


Before: Jan 7, 2011  After: March 31, 2011


That said, I will be posting weekly nutritional guidelines, training routines, and progress stats so you too can whip yourself into a bikini contest ready body and guys there is a both man and women physique division so you can use the plan as well. Plus you do not have to compete but who would not want to look like they do 🙂

And do not worry, if you are following the 3 Month Lean Strength Plan I will upload the entire 3 months of guidelines so you can continue making progress –  I got you covered 🙂

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