MTRW: Work It Work It

Happy Friday, 

I just came back form the Y and had a great circuit workout. Today was a light day, since I did heavy on Tuesday, and yesterday was a body-weight workout. Work It Work It makes you burn calories since it is done in a circuit fashion with no breaks in between exercise (ok you can take 30-60 sec break between rounds); and the icing on a cake – you use weights so you build lean muscle. All wrapped up in one fat slashing and lean muscle building workout to give you that toned streamlined look.

Here is it:

4 rounds | 6 exercises | 15 sets | 2 dumbbells


  • Squat row + lateral shoulder raise
  • Forward lunge + bicep curl to shoulder press
  • Backward lunge + triceps kick-back to front shoulder raise
  • Standing Calf pulses
  • Chest press to crunch
  • V Leg raises

Exercise Breakdown:

  • Squat row + lateral shoulder raise: Stand legs shoulder width apart, weights by your side. Engage your core, inhale and sit backwards as you lower yourself into a squat, make sure your knees are not over your toes. Once at bottom of the squat with quads parallel to the floor, pull your weights up to eh side of your waist. Lower the weights and return to a standing position. Once upright, lift the weights straight out to the side of your body bringing your arm parallel to the floor. Keep the elbows slightly bend, shoulders down and away form your ears (scapular depression), do not go pass your shoulders. Exhale, and bring your arms back down by your side. Repeat.
  • Forward lunge + bicep curl to shoulder press: From a standing position with your feet hip distance apart and weights by your sides, step into a forward lunge. make sure your core and glutes are engaged to protect your back. Once ins lunge perform a biceps curl and move straight into overhead press. Keep your shoulders down, abs and legs engaged. Lower the weights back down exhale, push of with your front leg to bring yourself back into a standing position. Repeat.
  • Backward lunge + triceps kick-back  to front shoulder raise: Stand with your feet hip distance width apart,  shoulders back and down. Lunge backwards, hinge at the hips, and perform a triceps kick-back. Lower the weights. Bring your torso up and push back into a standing position. Perform shoulder front raises. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Standing Calf pulses: Grab your dumbbells. Hold them by your side. Bring your toes about 90 degrees apart your heels touching. Inhale and lift yourself up on your tepee toes and pulse. Core strong and your legs engages, making sure you are maintenance dynamic tension to keep yourself from wobbling.
  • Chest press to crunch: Lower yourself onto the floor, make sure your back is flush against the mat. Lying on your back, press the dumbbell up to ward the ceiling and simultaneously engage your abs and lift your upper body off the floor. Shoulders are away from your ears, core strong, neck relaxed. Hold for count three, release slowly back down. Repeat.
  • V Leg raises: Using a dip station prop yourself up (as if you are going to do dips), engage your abs to protect your back, bring your shoulders back and away form your ears while engaging your entire upper and core to prevent yourself from swinging. In a controlled movement inhale, contract your abs, and bring your legs forward and out, making a letter V with your legs. Your upper body maintaining a perpendicular position toward the floor. If done right you will feel it in your lower abs the most once in a V. Exhale and bring legs back down. Repeat. 

I used two 10 lb dumbbells since today is my light weight training day. Even though it was a bit light for my biceps and triceps, it allowed me perform my shoulder raises with full ROM and without bringing my shoulder up (my neck and back was safe); thus I get more out of my workout. I also saved time because I did not have to keep switching between weights. If you are at home it is not a impediment but in a gym-setting it might take time which will brings your heart rate down and we want to keep those muscle burning along with the fat and calories.

I finished today with a muscle flow stretching routine and of course a lean muscle building Egg Protein shake with 1 tbs chia seeds and 1 tbs oat bran.

Have a great day. It should be 50 degrees outside I hope you get to enjoy it.


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