Competition Prep: Weekly Meal Plan

Hi guys,

Even though I am preparing for the competition I would like to make sure that I stay sane and do not go crazy with my diet. Last time I would say it drove me nuts. I cut out too much stuff and felt under pressure. This time I want to continue my healthy lifestyle vs. just make it a  month exercise in self-control to just come crashing and overeating after the competition.

That said, is on the POP lifestyle that I have been blogging about:

I am not as focused on nutrient cycling for fat loss since I am only 5 lb away from my last year competition weight and I do not want to be to skinny; so the goal is to provide a steady flow of healthy nutrients to power my workouts and have enough protein to build lean muslce. The 5 lb will fall off by themselves if I eat every 3 hours and maintain my workout regiment. It will be a challenge when traveling for training but I will make my best of what I have to work with since I know POP food choices to keep my metabolism high. Moreover, salad places are popping everywhere this days and to get my healthy protein I will stick with nuts since most of the prepared meet and dish is very high in sodium.  Also, for the plain flight I am making my self a healthy snack ahead of time: falafel, chicken katlets, raisins, cashews, and dried unsweetened mango (fresh salad I can by a the stand in the airport or it will be wilted along with the overpriced water :)) I made falafel and katlets from scratch and will be posting the recipe when I come back next week.

Below is my weekly menu that will help anyone who is both trying to loose weight, gain muscle, or get ready for a competition. I will be posting them every Sunday so you can have a new one for the week to come and avoid boredom and the regular diet rut.

Also, as promised here are this week stats:

  • Weight: 146.6 lb
  • Body Fat: 23.5%
  • Muscle Mass:34.5%

It is a bit hectic with travel and training so there will be picture progress and measurements posted next weekend.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. And remember there are always options and do your best with what the situations has to offer. Plan ahead when you can, and always have fun.


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