Tactical Combat Training (TACFIT) For Functional Fitness

Hi Guys,

I am tired but I passed my exam and now I am officially Tactical Combat Training (TACFIT) Level 1 Field Instructor. We had seven workouts in 2 days along with coaching, and training. Here I am with Coach Sonnon after the exam.

Scott Sonnon, RMAX International Faculty Director, TACFIT® Founder, USA Police Grappling (Sambo) Team Coach, Conditioning Advisor and Subject Matter Expert for security, fire, police and military personnel.

It was great. The recovery techniques work magic combined with a systematic approach to functional training and stretching methodology. It was a great experience and I will be training so I can become Level 2 certified field instructor as well.

Below are the tough TACFIT ladies after one of the workouts, sweaty but happy:

That said there will be more workouts coming your way tomorrow.

Until then, have a great evening.


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