MTRW: Beach Tone Up

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I am still recovering from the flight (was sick) and training but here is your workout for today. This was my exam test for the TACFIT cert. The goal is to maintain same level of effort through the workout and recover your heart rate as close as possible to your resting heart rate during the 10 sec breaks and not to exceed or get too close to your target heart rate. My resting heart rate is 56, Hear rate max – 189, and target heart rate (60-80%) – 152.

On y first day I got a score of 44 with the final heart rate of 138. On my second day, after learning the recovery techniques, my score was 48 withe the final heart rate of 125.


6 exercises | TABATA Protocol: 8 rounds pf 20 sec work & 10 sec rest | record your heart rate after each exercise is done for 15 sec then multiply by 4 (this will be your heart rate during this period) | record number of sets for each exercise | count the lowest score among all the sets (8 total) then add up to get the final score

  • Tactical lunge
  • Plank Pull Knee
  • Sit Through Knee
  • Tactical Push-up
  • Spinal Rock Basic
  • Tripod Vertical

Exercise Breakdown:
Below are TACFIT exercise breakdown with detailed instructions.

  • Tactical lunge:
    • Plank Pull Knee:
    • Sit Through Knee:
    • Tactical Push-up:

stick with the regular pushup vs. the advanced that is shown s a progression

    • Spinal Rock Basic:
    • Tripod Vertical:

I just got my taxes back and will be getting a camera so I will be posting my video’s soon until then enjoy TACFIT training videos (great material).

Do not forget to keep track of the score.

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