MTRW: No More Excuses

Hi guys,

I am sick so taking a few days off. I know I cannot believe that myself but I’ve learned over the years that there are times when you just have to back off and let your body rest. This week is one of those. Plus taking antibiotics really messes with my system, and I have not take any in a long time, so when I had to take some this time I said it’s OK. I will recover and then pick back up. That said, I have several things coming RKC- kettlebll training, finishing my YogaFit 200 HR RYT, Power pilates training, and of course, bikini competition on August 25. I know I have a lot on my plate. But since I am taking of this week from the gym, I finally know that I’ve learned my lesson from the past and ready to take on what’s coming with the least amount resistance. Because, we all know that the more we resist the worse it gets. I might go for a yoga class on Thursday or Friday, plus I am teaching a class on Saturday and taking training on Sunday.

So, here is your all in one whole body move workout for the day: No More Excuses

Workout Breakdown: 20 min | no breaks

  • Jumping jack – walk out plank – plank with knee to nose (L/R knees) – narrow push up – power up – Repeat

How many did you do?


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