Competition Prep: Kettlebell Power

Happy Saturday guys,

In  my quest to prepare for the competition I cannot neglect my kettlebell training responsibilities so I can pass RKC instructor certification. Moreover, I know that I will have to tweak certain things that I do so my focus will be on building strength and endurance while safely working on the moves that I know would not cause injury and already practiced with my other coaches during training that I took. For example, I now there are snatch requirements to pass and become RKC certified. But I am also new and very particular about understanding how exercise works (could not get a deadlift right until Mark Rippetoe showed me how – yes I need that level of detail to get it right).  So instead of learning it the wrong way (did you know it takes about 350 repetitions to learn and then 3500 reps to relearn the right way due to established neurological patterns), I will practice kettlebell military presses and swings so I get used to the kettlebell and build power and then during the training I will only need to get move right because I will already build strength (this is just one example of course).

I am in week 1 with a 3 whole body workouts per week split. The second workout is mid in intensity (90%-80% of ROM) which is perfect because I am pretty new to kettlebells so I will be starting at a lighter weight compared to my full capacity so I can nail the form. The goal is to work up to 16kg kettlebell for the test.

That said, the second weightlifting day of the first week is devoted to kettlebells – as if you already did not figure this one out 🙂

Here is the workout for today:

3 sets | 25 reps

  • Unilateral Kettlebell Military Press
  • Kettlebell Renegade Row
  • Double Kettlebell Lunge
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Turkish Get-ups

Stretch and enjoy your post-workout granola snack.


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