MTRW: Turbine Jet Strength

Good morning,

I am in day 3 of the 3 day week split for the weight-lifting part of the competition prep. So this is a light weight workout day or better to say no weight work-day, body weight only. The goal is getting the core working and fire up those muslce. But by no means think it is easy. Crunch has Purmotion functional station so I finally can do monkey bars. I love that the gyms now days finally embracing the functional equipment. Do not get me wrong, I quite enjoy dumbbells, barbells, and squat racks but I also firmly believe in engaging in a variety of exercise to get the most benefits so you can continue to have the ability to enjoy activities when you get older. I do after all have only one body and I would like to keep using it for a long while. Below is the body-weight workout for today.

Workout Breakdown:

  • M0nkey Bars – 5 rounds | or pull-up hang | 5 double rounds | 30 sec rest x 30 sec work
  • Plyo Box Step-ups – 100 | each leg
  • Reverse Pullups – 100
  • Plyo Box Back Step-down – 100 each leg | only the toe of the leg touches the floor
  • Narrow Push-up – 100
  • Lateral Plyo Box Step-down – 100 | each leg |only the toe of the leg touches the floor
  • Plank – set up Gymboss timer for 5 double rounds | 10 sec rest x 50 sec work

Stretch and do trigger point self massage and have a protein shake.

Below are the products that I use during my workouts weather I am doing them at home, in the park or in the gym, they help me get the best results and stay injury free:


Have a great day.


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