POP Nutrition: Healthy Breakfast

Good morning,

My son had an ear infection yesterday, so no sleep and had to go to the doctor in the morning. Pure guy, it was hurting really bad, and all urgent care places open at 9 am. Not sure why they call them urgent care since they close at 12 am and open 9. I would think at least at 5 am or something. Anyway, we finally got to the doctor at he is now taking medicine and getting some rest, finally fell asleep. So I am not doing my Turbo Jet Strength today. I was too tired, and I cannot afford to get sick myself, I just got better. But in any case I am still getting the 3 workouts within 7 days.

That said, I though a post on healthy breakfast alternatives would be great. So far I am big on eggs and toast for breakfast. I also gave a great oatmeal recipe that fills me up and really kicks up my energy. But I have to excluded it for now since it is high in carb and I am not doing any cardio right now (Check out current training and nutrition competition plan for more details). However, I am enjoying a muffin with peanut butter on the 4th day when I refuel, I made a batch from the Ezekiel Organic Sprouted Grain Cereal with Golden Flax and froze them. So so good and have plenty of fiber and the good kind of fat from nuts and sunflower seeds.Of course you have a option to have the oatmeal as your high-car/fiber refuel treat, as long as it is not a bit portion. Stick with 1/2 cup oatmeal and measure out the berries and nuts so you are within the 400 calories. Before I forget, if you are new, weather preparing for a competition, making changes to your lifestyle to healthy, or just trying to shape up foe vacation or school reunion, I think getting a measuring cup and measuring spoon set will be an easy and one of the best investment you can make. It will help with getting the portions under control without having to memorize all the calories for the foods you eat. Click here portion control post for more details on portion and healthy eating.

So here are a few other items you can enjoy during this part of the POP Nutrition bikini competition prep, they are low carb, low-sodium, gluten free, high in fiber, high protein, and have no added sugar:


There Go Raw Granola Cereal is a bit sweeter then the other ones but not because of sugar it has sprouted berry which give it a crunchy and sweet taste like no other. Also, great for rice crispe treats – a POP recipe 🙂 of course. You can have those a refuel treat. Yammmmy. Plus, most granola is full of sugar not this one. They come in many flavors too:
Chocolate Granola Cereal                Apple Cinnamon Granola Cereal

Enjoy this healthy and fiberfill breakfast option without the sugar or salt.


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