POP Nutrition: Protein Packed Pancake Flaps

Happy Easter Sunday,

Well actually my Easter will be next week, I am Russian Orthodox and we are on a different calendar.

I enjoy pancakes but they usually trigger my sweet tooth and leave me craving for more. So I decided to make pancakes form protein powder (i.e. Protein Packed Pancake Flaps) and almond yogurt, it was a test to see if anything good will come out. I actually quite liked them and it satisfied me feeling left tout when I make pancakes for my son. The recipe below makes about 5-6 3 inc pancakes I ate 3 and froze the rest for the next weekend or you can eat one post-workout or as a snack. Just though about it, I should have added flax seeds – it will give it a nutty flavor. They are dryer then regular pancakes so I had them with unsweetened applesauce or you can take cranberries blend them in a blender and add a bit of Stevia and pore over the pancakes flaps to make them more moist.


Cooking Directions:

  1. Mix all ingredient beside apple sauce or cranberries.
  2. Pout spoonfuls into pancake mold and cook until semi-firm then flip over.
  3. Enjoy with cranberries pure or apple sauce.


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