Balance Rhythm: Feeling Stuck

Not sure what’s been going on. Well actually a lot of everything which contributed to me not being  able to focus on my goal – NPC Competition.  I am not loosing weight, instead I am gaining. And not just muscle but fat as well. I am bloated and feel like puff fish.  It because I have been overeating from being stressed. I feel stuck and even though I try to take one step at a time I seem not to be able to make progress with my food intake. I think part of it is also that I do not like being regimented. I always believe in a healthy lifestyle but I allowed the competition prep to put a different spin on how I think and feel. I know I am in shape but being in shape and being in competition shape is a bit different unless I focus on the fun part. The part that I love – training and eating healthy  for peak performance and happy life. I need to go back to that and shift from – need to get down to 140 lb to enjoying the satisfaction that I can do one more push up or that my back is not hurting  when I do dead lifts and squats, and just how good I feel when I eat food that is nourish and full of vitamins and minerals. And I feel so full of energy when I do, even my mood swings go away and my mind gets so much clear allowing me to feel present in the moment. I also have been missing my regular yoga practice and it sure effect my ability to quite my mind. So I guess, I know what I need, and is not it ironic that I always keep going back to my roots. Yes. I have been forgetting to slow down and breath.


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P.S. The painting is my son’s original. I really like the color choices – so complimentary.