MTRW: 30 Top Body-Weight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Hi guys,

Hope your week is going well.  I have been taking it easy because of the this weekend RKC kettlebell certification but you always can do one of the MTRW workouts and check your progress, I think it is always great to see and compare where I am at. But next week I promise more workouts. Until then here is a list of top 30 Top Body-Weight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You are:

  1. Push up
  2. Diamond push up
  3. Wide push up
  4. Medicine ball push up
  5. T push up
  6. Pull up with grip variations
  7. Commando pull up
  8. Plank
  9. Side plank
  10. In and out (core work)
  11. Flutter kick
  12. Mason twist
  13. V-sit
  14. Reverse crunch
  15. Hanging leg raise
  16. Bicycle crunch
  17. Superman
  18. Squat, with medicine ball
  19. Wall sits
  20. Lunge
  21. Lunge with twist
  22. Marching twist
  23. Mountain climber
  24. Burpee
  25. Inchworm
  26. Wood chop
  27. J-up
  28. Superstar
  29. Jumping jacks
  30. Wall walk

Have a great day.


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