MTRW: Kettlebell | RKC

Hi guys, Did not mean not to be posting. But after taking the RKC Kettlebell Certification I was beat and then swamped at work. Anyway, I passed the technique and teaching portion but had to not take 100 snatch test ( 16kg kettlebell for someone my weight | 100 snatches | 5 min) my shoulder was hurting and pinching, taking 100 snatch challenge would not me wise, my shoulder would have been out for months. But since I passed on the three other criteria (strength test, technique, and teaching ) I have 90 days to make a video and send it for approval to my team lead.

All I can say that I had a great time, Master RKL | Lead RKC | Team RKC instructors were very professional and knowledgeable and had a wealth of very valuable information: anything form fixing a swing to gl, building progressions, glute activation just to name a few. And not the least very approachable and with great personality, truly passionate about what they do – that is a great treat.

And my teammates were also very supportive and a warm group.

So here is a list of great kettlebell exercises that you can combine to make one whole body killer workout that will make you strong and allow for functional transfer of power into other areas of fitness.

Joint Mobility Warmup

Upper Body A
Military Press
Lat Pulls
Bent Arm Pullovers

Upper Body B
See Saw Press
Renegade Rows

Upper Body C
Side Press
French press
Chest Press & Fly

Lower Body A
Front Squats
Dragon Walks
Side Lunges

Lower Body B
Box Pistols
Step Back Lunges
Suitcase Deadlifts

Lower Body C
One Legged Deadlift
Overhead Squat
Good Mornings

Abdominals A
Standing Power Breathing
Get Up Situps
Slow KB Twist

Abdominals B
Power Breathing Crunch or Situp
Russian Twist
Half Roll Back

Cardio/Conditioning A
Double Swings
Double Cleans
Figure 8s to Catch

Cardio/Conditioning B
1-Swing, 1-Clean, 1-Snatch
Rolling Deck Squats

Cardio/Conditioning C
Swing- Clean-Snatch
Walking Swings

Have fun and as you guessed there will be more fat blasting and lean mass building workouts with kettlebells down the road.


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