MTRW: 15 Min Burn

Hi guys,

I already posted this week whole body workout; however, I know it is pretty long. You can either split it into upper and lower body and then you will have 2 days on one days off and repeat or do this 15 min challenge if you are short on time.

Routine: set up you gymboss timer for 30 sec work 30 sec rest 15 rounds | use kettlebell that is one size lower then your snatch kettlebell and perform one rep on each side during your work phase | then during break take a deep breath and exhale slowly to bring your heart rate down

Exercise: high pull+ clean + squat + press + swing | switch hands without resetting the bell | keep going for 30 sec

Selecting your kettlebell:

Men Open Class 24kg
Men Masters (50 and Older) 20kg
Women Open Class over 56kg/123.5lbs bodyweight 16kg
Women Open Class up to 56kg/123.5lbs bodyweight 12kg
Women Masters (50 and Older) 12kg

Stretch and have post workout shake.


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