MTRW: 10 Min | All Over Beach Toner

Hi Guys,

Being busy and trying to build a business while working full time as a mom and having a full time job leave sometimes or most of the time very little time for a workout. So here is a 10 min challenge. Also, if you are traveling or your lunch hour suddenly became just 30 min this will be a perfect option – and you still get to burn lots of calories. Moreover, during this season of bikinis and vacations this is a prefect seaside body toner, 10 min an your are done – why sacrifice all that hard work  you have put in through the year just to gain 5 lbs during a vacation – why not have it all.

Workout break down: set your Gymboss timer for 10 min | perform 2 exercises back-to-back with no breaks | 10 reps each | no stopping | max effort

  • scorpion pushups
  • knee grab situpHyperwear

Also, want to make it harder – put a weighted vest on 🙂 and watch those muscles scream for mercy.

Have fun.


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