MTRW: 500 Rep Challenge

Hi guys,

Here is something new I have though of – 500 rep gym tool challenge. You will perform this workout on non-consecutive days varying the equipment that you use. Pay attention to variance in the weight that each tool gives you – i.e. the feedback loop.  For example, sandbag will play tricks with you due to the shift in the weight introducing instability, kettlebells will challenge muscle recruitment, clubbell will test you ability to perform tri-planar body movement, dumbbell will showcase your coordination, and barbell will call out your balance. Of course all the tools we will use will challenge little bit of everything but I think this is an interesting way to see how your strength, balance, stability, and core power transfers and is it functional in terms of weather you will be able to show the same level of strength, power, endurance with all the equipment. Here the breakdown:

  • Tools| pick one for each new non-consecutive day of the workout | sandbag, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbell, and clubbells | if you do not have all the tools do not write this challenge of, go ahead and try with dumbbells and barbell (which are the most common set of tools  you will be able to find in all the gyms)
  • 5 exercises | 500 reps
  • 100 reps each per exercise | you can either do 100 in a row or 4 sets of 25 in a circuit fashion or 5 sets of 20 or 1o sets of 10 as long as it come up to 100 per exercise or 500 for the entire circuit but remain consistent with all the different tools | if you are choosing 25 x 4 then it should be those number with all the tools you use for consistency and then you can switch up the next week and see if you can give 100 in a row one shall never know until you try 🙂
  • use Gymboss timer to see how long it takes you to go through the entire circuit| compare results form each dayClubbell set


  • Push up
  • Deadlift
  • Bent-over row
  • Overhead press
  • Squat                                                                                        RMAX Tactical Training Tools 

Stretch and enjoy a post workout snack.


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