MTRW: Friday Quick Burn

HI guys,

I am taking my Pilates Mat certification this weekend. Very excited. This is just a beginning though. i will be taking Pilates 1 & 2 this fall. All planned out until the end of the year.

The weather has been great and I am sure you are ready for the weekend to go out and have fun so time of of the most value :). That said here is a full body workout and it will only take 12 min. 

Equipment: TRX/Rings or any suspension trainer | kettlebell or dumbbell | Gymboss timer

Workout Breakdown: set up your Gymboss time for 24 rounds of 10 sec rest by 20 sec work | perform the exercises in a circuit fashion

  • TRX/Rings Skullcrusher to Fly
  • Kettlebell Goblet Squat
  • Burpees

TRX/Rings Skullcrusher to Fly: Hang your suspension trainers at waste level. Hold a ring/strap in each and and get into push-up position (straps not rubbing your shoulders), and extended your arms over the head. Do a triceps press-down until the rings/straps handles touch your forehead and then extend your arms again over your head. Rotate the handles so that your pals are facing each other and perform a fly by opening your arms out to your side, palms facing in. Exhale and bring your hand back to the center. Repeat.

Stretch and enjoy a post workout snack and have a great weekend.


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