My Pilates Training

Hi guys, today is the last day of the Beginner Pilates Mat Training through Power Pilates. I am taking the training at Balance studio in Bethesda -yeah no traveling so I am not as cranky.  I am excited and anxious to pass the test and practical exam today and as a future teacher I was evaluated through out the entire training. I would say that the order and sequence of the training is very well thought through.

You might wonder why Pilates. When weights, dumbbells, and other bodybuilding equipment and excise are dominating my training approach. Well, the reason for taking the training is that I was not able to achieve and maintain core engagement as successful and consistently with any other exercise sequencing program. The precision, the technique, and the flow really get the results.

Will you be able to build huge muscle by only using Pilates – NO. Will you be able to preserve the health of your spine and build a strong powerhouse (core) – ABSOLUTELY – which will ultimately translate into other areas of exercise and fitness training that you do and will improve your performance dramatically while helping you stay injury free. I already see improvement in my kettlebell swings, push ups, pull ups, barbell squats, and many others exercise that I do.

Here is the Beginner Pilates Mat Training Routine: 18 exercise | 8-10 count each

  1. Hundred
  2. Roll up
  3. One leg circles
  4. Rolling like a ball
  5. Single leg stretch
  6. Double leg stretch
  7. Scissors
  8. Lower lift
  9. Criss-cross
  10. Spine stretch forward
  11. Corkscrew
  12. Saw
  13. Swan
  14. Single leg kicks
  15. Side kick (front/back; up/down; little circles; inside leg little circles)
  16. Teaser
  17. Seal
  18. Front support

Exercise description forthcoming. Have to study now.

Have a great Sunday. It looks beautiful outside.


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