MTRW: Core Work – Medicine Ball Plank Circut

Hi guys,

The more I learn the more I realize just how little I know. I know you’ve heard that before but it is frustrating sometime. I came across this really great circuit and hope you will enjoy it just as much as I do. One thing is make sure that you are really contracting your abs and initiation your exercise from your abs and then into the extremities to get the full benefits.

Workout Breakdown: Set up your Gymboss timer 20 sec rest 40 sec work | 4 rounds

  • Med ball plank hold                                            Ugi Fitness at Home Kit (12-Pound, Blue)
  • Single-leg medicine ball plank to push-ups
  • Knee-forward med ball plank hold
  • Knee-to-elbow med ball push ups
  • Foot-to-side med ball plank hold



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