MTRW: Do Not Give Up

Hi guys,

I just found out that I passed my Power Pilates Beginner Mat and my certificate will be mailed soon. Yeah!!!!!

The next one is CrossFit Level 1 Instructor Certification on July 28 – so more prep work. All while I am rehabbing my shoulder to record the 100 snatches for the RKC. I also have last training on July 15 so I can get my 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher cert through YogaFit, already done my volunteering hours. Plus I am taking Pilates training to prepare for the Cadillac and equipment Level 1 & 2 certification training in the Fall.

That said tomorrow is my timed challenge workout, I need a break from all the swings and clean presses 🙂 and Zumba day ( gotta get loose), and of course need to work my day job :). Then I finally get a break on the weekend. Well not a real real break – I am pretty close to finishing my studio in my house with the help of my boyfriend we are chugging along, would be so much harder doing it alone. I am so excited I can not wait.

Workout Breakdown: 100 reps x 4 exercises |time it

  • kick-up pull-up
  • push-ups
  • sit-ups
  • squats

Break a sweat 🙂


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