MTRW: Stamina

Hi guys,

Here is a new workout. Of course we are working on not hitting plateaus and constantly stimulating our muscle fibers to bring continuous results to make us stronger, faster, leaner. So it is an ongoing process.

Workout Breakdown: 8 double rounds of 1 min break x 5 min work | non-stop | until the break then move to the next exercise

  • Pullups or kick ups
  • 12kg – each hand – kettlebell bench steps-up
  • Smith machine unilateral squats
  • Kettlebell snatch or barbell if you do not have a kettlebell
  • Barbell/or dumbbell  side lunge
  • Rope pull-down
  • Barbell front squat
  • Kettlebell swings

Stretch and enjoy a post-workout snack.


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