MTRW: Make It Quick

HI guys,

I had another busy week (if it rains it pores at work) and with me being tired form training was not able to make any post. I am also going to Vegas over the weekend – so will have to figure out how not to gain weight considering that I was so tired I had to compensate with food over last weekend and gained several pounds. Really not good four weeks out of the competition. So I am struggling and not looking forward to Monday since I know I will be tired and will not be able to workout next week as hard as I want to plus will have to skip my Monday workout. But,  I was able to get a good workout this Wednesday before the meeting. This one should not take you longer then 35 min unless you take a lot of breaks and it will make you sweat to say the least.

Workout breakdown: 3 rounds | 1 min break between rounds

  • Barbell squat | 20
  • Kettlebell press |12kg | 10 each side
  • Prone V-ups | 20
  • Barbell overhead squat | 10
  • Kettlebell high-pull | 16kg | 20 each side
  • Bike abs with a twist | 20 each side
  • Barbell stiff legged dead-lift | 20
  • Kettlebell swings | 16 kg |20 each side
  • Decline Leg raises | 20



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