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Hi guys, I log in my food intake on Calorie Counter when I notice that I am not as energetic or not seeing result that I want. I do not record what I eat but rather use it as a food planner and enter the menu for the whole day so I know what  I have on my plate 🙂 Plus it feels less like a control mechanism and more of a planning. If you would like to get ideas of how my days look like you can click the link on the right “Bikini Competition Daily Menu” and my user name is esseliberefitness – surprise 🙂

But also get advice request form people I support and who support me. So here is one of them and my response I thought it will be beneficial for other Esse Fit followers (no names of course to keep privacy):

—-Original Message—-

I was impressed by the success you have had at loosing the weight and changing your lifestyle.  I find often that I am eating the same boring foods over and over.  Do you have any suggestions of things that I can prepare at home and things to eat while dining at popular restaurants?  Also, what’s good exercise for someone with bad knees?  I find my joints throbbing a lot after zumba and walking the treadmill.  It scares me, I am only 35 and not significantly obese.  But I was a cheerleader for many years and was always the base or building block of the squad.  It sucks getting older! lol

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer and congrats on all your hard work!

—-Esse Fit Reply—-


And thank you for kind words. Wow – cheerleading – that is really hard and demanding on the body and mind.I always am very impressed with agility and stamina and strength.

In regards to eating I post what I eat on my blog – entrees, lunch, dinner, breakfast, snack. You can browse there. Also have several articles on where to start (search my blog for portion control, Easy as 1-2-3, and etc). Yes they are pretty simple but yield long-term results and a lifestyle not a quick fix. Those are items that I myself ignored in the past but became a staple now in keeping me on track. I used to think if I just eat a little less and exercise a little more then the perfect body will be at my door. Not so much 🙂 Though media pressure still sometimes gets to me but not as much as it used to so I do not go for the quick diet or pill.

I take Flex-A-Min, Shark Cartridge, and chromium-magnesium for my joints. I am not a doctor but those helps me when I am aching. I used to run a lot along with step and other things that we all do. Also, foam roller helps with loosing the fascia and aid in quicker recover. I had a bad knee where I cannot walk. It shows up it was a tight T-band foam roller and myofascial release balls are my trusted friends now.

Also, I use Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief and Boswellin Cream when I get busy and do not foam roll or  stretch or simply just do too much (very common when I go in training usually very demanding whole weekend so no way I get enough rest). I use it 3-4 times daily until pain goes away.

When it comes down to restaurants I really do not go out a lot unless it is a local “Sweet Greens” because I do not believe in cheat meals. The chemicals in fatty/salty/sugary food block the satiety receptors in brain so it is hard to know when you are full or when to stop and then even harder to go back to clean eating because they act as stimulants and body just wants more like a drug – no wonder if you look today most foods are salty/sweet/fatty the deadliest combination. But it did took me time to get where I am so I do not feel like I am missing out when I see people in restaurants I actually do not even crave those foods any more. After gradual small changes my body realized that it feels so much better when I eat healthy. I have so much more energy, my anxiety went away, and I sleep better. Of course there is still portion control no matter what kind of food one eats. That never goes away but rather becomes a second nature. So sorry but not much advice beside make sure you do not skip meals when you know you be going out that will slow down your metabolisms and you will be so hungry it will be hard to control your appetite so you will be likely to overeat. Skip bread if you are getting desert. Skip desert if you are drinking. Stick to wine vs. spirits less calories. Make sure to start with a salad with a bit of olive oil and vinegar then split the entree with your friend. You can also ask the chef to poach eggs if you are having breakfast or hold the butter when ordering stake. With seafood ask to not add additional spices they are usually seasoned if you go to crab or shrimp place so it will just add more sodium which will bloat you up and make retain water weight.

I would say that for some people cheat meal works like a security blanket so you can try it out – but if it hard to go back to eating normal on the next meal you know it is not for you. Also it does not mean that you go overboard portion control still applies. It is just one meal and not the whole day.

Hope this helps. And feel free to browse for meal ideas.

Let me know if you I can be of any help or need more info.


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