MTRW: Dirty 30 – 3 Times Around

Hi guys,

I am still setting up my studio space and need to set up lights. But I decided to go ahead and start recording my workout – at least some of them.

I wanted to do a Filthy 50 workout 3 rounds but guess what I took so long with straight leg reverse rows that I gave up after the first round. It took me 14:44 sec and I was so pissed I stopped. I though I was fitter then that, I though I could do the whole things three time in that time frame. Well, I did not and I have a choice: give up and never do reverse rows again and just continue doing what I am good at or drop the ego and look toward a challenge and yes do a progression – start with reverse rows in table top leg and build my strength to do it with straight legs 50 in a row. Well, after thinking about it – not much I decided to redo the workout. I went with:

Workout Breakdown: 3 rounds for time

  • 30 reverse rows w/table top legs
  • 30 jump squats
  • 30 BOSU push-ups
  • 30 skaters

Dirty 30 - 3 Times Around

A few word on progress...

My time was 18min 55sec. I would like to do the whole thing with straight legs in 15 min. You know, after taking this weeks training it hit me that with the diversity of training that I have been doing I have no tangible way of finding out how much progress I am actually getting. Variety in itself is not bad it actually helps me to take on a multitude of activities.

I just came to realization that I am not always pushing myself as hard as I should, I am working out harder then the average gym goer but the truth is it has nothing to do with anyone else but me and I see that a lot of time I am just settling for being a bit more motivated then average but why, why I am holding myself back when I am dreaming about accomplishing so much, why I am comparing myself with anyone beside myself when in reality it has nothing to do with them.  I also tend to get frustrated when i can not do an exercise right away – I have a notion that I am supposed to be able to do it all and right away – right 🙂 not so. Here is an example, I am very very very green to Crossfit. This weekend we had a variety of foundational exercise explained and of course one of them was  Ring Muscle up. The instructors showed and explained what to do and guess what my hips and legs just refused to cooperate. I know I have to work extra hard because I my glutes usually do not fire up – I actually went for glute activation rehab, the reason is that a long time ago I fractured my tailbone and couple of vertebra above it which causes excruciating pain when standing up or siting down so I overcompensate with overactive quads to take off the pain. With time my glutes just stopped working and it is only lat year I realized how much progress was lost due to improper technique and I was also not able to progress. Well like many of us I went saw results and stopped. But I really should have know better and after taking RKC and Crossfit I realized that I am still having issues and need to go back and start my workout with glute activation so I can do thrusters and KB swings properly.

Well going back to ring muscle ups – literal I gave up and was too embarrassed because I was hanging on the rings and my lower body just would not respond. I’d pull myself up and that is it I would just stay there and the instructor kept saying use your legs and I could not. They would not respond. The thing is if I want to progress the only way is to acknowledge the weaknesses and work on them and not just ignore them and continue doing what I am good at. So I am leaving my ego outside and starting from the ground up. Not because I want to say that I can do a muscle up but because I am only as strong as the sum of my weaknesses.

That said, I decided that I am making this a benchmark workout and will be doing it again in a month to compare my time. I am also refusing to be embarrassed about my high times but rather embrace the opportunity to grow and get stronger. I am also intrigued with the Crossfit games. I know it will take me years to prepare and there is no better time like now.

Until next time


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