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Hi guys,

I am busy to say the least. But making progress. I got two great news this weekend: I passed my Crossfit L 1 instructor certification and RKL coach confirmed me passing my snatch test (final requirement to get RKC L1 isntructor certification).

Plus this coming weekend I am recording the required video to get my Aerial Yoga instructor certification (also a final requirement) and will be sending of my essay for the 200 RYT cert. I got my 200 hr requirement fulfilled through YogaFit. Once I hear back I qulaify to submit my cert to the 200 RYT Yoga Alliance credentials.

My studio is almost there just mostly cleaning and final touches. Things are finally wrapping up so I can focus on figuring out on how to really bring in money so I can open my own facility. Nothing too big but a studio hopefully in two years. You know similar to Crossfit facilities. I am really looking forward toward that. I would like to offer: TACFIT, Crossfit, RKC kettlebell trainings, Aerial Yoga, MTRW Bootcamp, Sandbag Yogi, and Pilates. Uhh that would be really nice. Of course winning the lottery will make it possible right away until then gotta plan 🙂

Anyway, here is your MTRW Of The Day:

MTRW | Strength & Endurance

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