MTRW Of The Day | 2012-08-08

Hi guys,

Well I am getting used to my studio and hopefully the quality of my workouts and videos will improve as I move forward. I am like a routine so it will take time to adjust to this one but I would say today I enjoyed it. Also, have been having a better luck and results with eating every two hours up around 3-4 and then the window is 3 hr but most importantly with making sure I have balanced nutrient intake with every meal instead of a snack. For example, if before I had an apple or peanut butter and rice cake, right now all my meals have protein, fat and carb. I also started Meals Under 500 because I am really seeing result in energy level and especially how full I feel. The ration comes about: 25-30% fat, 35-40% protein, and 30-35% carb. The reason for variance is because on the days when I tend to eat more meat my fat is higher and when I eat fish it lower. But the effect is amazing – my scale was not going under 142 for the longest time and it finally moved. I also did an unplanned experiment were I went back to eating unbalanced and the end result for those few days was a good evidence and proof to stick to balance. Ahh that word that we are all longing for 🙂 Anyway, what happened I ended up overeating and had bad cravings. So even though I talked about POP nutrition before I would like to empathizes the importance of eating balanced meals even when it is s snack it still should have the same ratio of nutrients and your meal, just less in calories. It is the key.

That sad here is your MTRW Of The Day:
4 rounds | 2 supersets | exercises

Superset 1:

  • Front barbell squat
  • Reverse ring pull-ups | straight leg or table top

Superset 2:

  • Barbell deadlift
  • Elevated narrow push-up



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