MTRW Of The Day | 2012-08-17

Hi guys,

Here is another great workout. I will say after four energetic one’s in a row today I noticed myself slow down a bit but I am proud to say that I finished what was planned and did not allow myself to get frustrated like last time when I ended up giving up at first just to come back to it later int the day so I can do the workout in it;s entirety even though not as fast as I was hoping for. So that’s my bit of progress for today.

Exercise break down: 3 triple sets | Set up your Gymboss timer for 9 double-rounds of 10 sec x 90 sec

Equipment: sandbag, rings, decline bench, and ab wheel

Triple set 1:

  • Burlie sandbag squats
  • Ring pull-ups
  • Decline bench leg raises


Triple set 2:

  • Squat side steps with resistance band around your ankles and above the knee | 6 steps in each direction with a pulse in between and get low like in a squat
  • Ring dips
  • Ab roll-out with a wheel

Triple set 3:

  • Jumping lunges | bring your knees as high as you can when switching legs
  • Ring push -ups
  • Hanging knee raises




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