Bikini Prep | 2012 NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic – Maryland NPC

Hi guys,

Well tomorrow is the day, already got my nails and waxing done, will be doing hair and spray tan later on. I feel weirdly calm but I can feel waves of anxiety coming in here and there. I am in the shape that I am and nothing can be done at this point and I am praying that my confidence will kick in at the right time. I have fear of stage and yes I know why I am doing it. I would like to show that one can look good if if she is a mom and gained a lot of weight during pregnancy or something who is just getting older. It will be interesting to see myself later in life if God gives me that opportunity. However, I would say that this time around I am not as muscular but also did not drive myself crazy with 60 min of StairMaster 5 days a week after a 2 hr cardio/weight training session. I am in a better place and of course I hope I will pull it of and win this time. Last time the tan (as judge said) was a huge disappointment and was really bad . So I have taken care of that. I would like to be a bit leaner but I refused to drive myself crazy about it. If it is in the stars it will be my day and I would qualify to go for the Pro Card since this even is a national qualifier. Excited…anxious…and a bit looking forward for it to be over 🙂 may be I should just focus on how far I came and how much I’ve learned about myself and my body. I will also take the next week off and just to Pilates and Yoga. I have my sight set on the next year CrossFit games in June 2013. Most people say it takes 2-3 year to prepare. So I know the chances of me wining are slim considering the skills of people against whom I will be competing but  work better when I am working toward a goal. I also would like to compete in a couple of other Bikini competition along the way but since I am training and eating clean it will not be as much of a stress if I was not taking this as a lifestyle but rather a wimp a fleeting desire to strut my stuff on the stage. I am actually sincerely looking toward the progress that I can achieve now that I tool a lot of training which was of a tremendous value and also learning what is important to me and what is not.

So here is my year out:

  • August: rest and recovery. – not all August but I will get a week, plus my last three weeks were so hectic with work I was not able to give as much as I can to my workouts.
  • September and October: strength.
  • November and December: speed strength.
  • January: solely dedicated to weaknesses.
  • February and March: met-cons.
  • April and May: Regional prep.
  • June and July: Games prep.

I still have Pilates training and continuous education training I need to do so those will have to be worked in. Plus I have to learn handstand push-ups, crossfit pull-up, and etc. I know I always have to be working toward something but I am learning to enjoy the process and give respect to my body when it needs rest.
Until Sunday, will let you know how it went.

Happy Friday


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