August 25, 2012 | J Cutler National Qualifier Competition | Just Keep Swimming

Hi guys,

It has been so busy. So the competition came and went, it was this past weekend on August 25. I did not place within top five and am waiting on the finals coring to be out to see which place I took. Of course I was upset – I have type A personality – but as not as upset if I was not eating right and let my training be a burden. That for me was a change from last time I competed. I definitely overdid cardio – still cannot make myself to go on a StairMaster :).  So staying in shape but still feeling satisfied when I am done eating and training – is a big deal for me. I like competition but at the end of the day I do not want it to be something I have to do, I want it to be enjoyable. I had a great experience, met a lot of people and actually had several spectators who asked me to take pictures with the – a new experience for me 🙂 (click here to see the show pictures).

Come to think about it, when looking at the other girls, I am too muscular comparing to all of Bikini competitors. So not to stay puzzled, I did call the head judge and will have to call back if I do not hear back to see what he tells me but will not be surprised if he tells me to look thinner. My face was a bit dark too now that I see it on the pictures I am waiting to get my pictures from the photographer I go the package so will be posting them as soon as I get them.

Now I am taking this week off. Eating all I have not eaten in the last 6 months but the funny things is not all but a lot of things that I used to like just do not taste as good. That is awesome. That means I will not feel left out when I see other people eating them. But there are a few that still rock my boat – gelato, poppy seed bagels, cheese, and few selected candies from Russia that I always loved – so I will eat them periodically when I have a taste for them.

Well, what is next, I have Pilates training during the fall every other weekend – when done I will be Pilates Level 2 certified. Plus, I am starting training for the Crossfit Open qualifier games which will take place six months from now. I have quite a few things to learn how to do: keeping pull-up, handstand push-ups, muscle-up, and pull-ups. Now writing a program so I can be ready. I am very excited, it was always my dream to participate in an athletic event and hopefully, God willing, I will get a chance. The competition is tough and since I do not have as much experience as last or previous years winners, I know I will not win but it will be awesome to come in the top 60 that is out of 12k people. Hah I would be at the top of the world because that will qualify to go to the next round – Regional games. But in any outcome the experience will be totally worth it.

And, if times allows I am also contemplating going into Figure competition (I will be training with heavier weights Bikini will be out of questions) and Ms. Fit Body (for fit moms).

So wish me fortune.


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