Balance Rhythm | I am looking forward toward the future but trying not hold myslef back


I have been so busy with work it is ridiculous. I have not been able to do my regular posts of workouts or meals. I miss those. Sharing what works and what does not really is something that I enjoy. I wonder how I can get paid doing it as well so I can do more of that.

Well, anyway with my new goals I really have to step up the game – CrossFit Open games are six months out. In the next two months it will be heavy lifting to build strength 3-4 days a week, 2 days – keeping my fingers crossed Zumba, and I really would like to do more yoga. My goals is to back squat and dead lift 300 lb. I wonder – I do not think I can even pick that up right now…uhhhhhh will be he huffing and puffing 🙂

I  need to learn to do 20 ring pull-ups and dips in a row – full ROM of course and work on my handstand or actually do it. Also learning keeping pull-up and ting muscle-up. Talking about leaving my ego outside the door 🙂 My type A personality is getting a big break. I am smirking as I am typing this, I am really going to eat my “dog” food when I am saying no big egos on the gym floor. I will say I like being the best and I am by far not even close when it come down to those things. But it will be a good humbling experience – it is about growth and experience after all.

Anxious and excited…here I am…ready to step up the game…it is about time

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