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Hi guys,

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been eating my sorrows away that I did not place. Looks like I am still an emotional eater. Something that I have to work on. The judge called and he told me that I need to work on symmetry in my upper and lower body, tighten up my glutes and hamstrings. Also, more cardio to lean out. You know the funny thing is he did not tell me anything new. I was the same weight as I was for the OCB competition but even I cannot deny that I was much leaner in 2011 and had more giggle this time around. I looked at my pictures and my body fat was higher this time around then last time. With the focus on compound movement I neglected my lower half and it showed big time this time around. My lower body, especially the back side is my weakest link, along with front and mid deltoids, and those were the things he pointed out. He also give recommendation about my suit and it all made sense. He was polite and very courteous to make sure not to offend me. But at the end of the conversation I realized that he told me everything that I was in denial about. I did not do as much cardio this time around, neglected my glutes and hamstrings, and front and mid delts. My nutrition was not up to par, and I fell pray of why do I have to work as hard all the time. He said that I should choose either to eat until I am blue in the face or eat sweets in my case fruit (too much of a good things is still sugar even in its natural form) or weather I want to compete as Bikini model. So swallow my pride and get to work.

It is my strength phase for the games so I will me doing 3 days a week – lower body, 2 days – upper body, 2 day Pilates plus Pilates teacher training sessions.

I will structure it so I have separate days so I can really get my glutes fired up and it will also help with my snatches and thrusters since I always lead with my upper body, it is always the one leading. On the upper body days I will build strength to do pull-ups and handstand push-ups. The main goal will be not to get bored. So my workouts will the same for the next three months with progressive strength component build in.

  • September: 4 sets x 20 reps | heavy, med, light days |weight increase from week to week | 2 cardio days
  • October: 5 sets x 15 reps | heavy, med, light days |weight increase from week to week | 3 cardio days
  • November: 4 sets x 10 reps | heavy, med, light days |weight increase from week to week | 4 cardio/TABATA days
  • Reassess

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