MTRW Of The Day | Glutes Up

Hi guys,

I am so glad I had a chance to workout today before starting my workday. It’s been busy and I need to get my booty a makeover but nothing will change without the hard work 🙂

So here is my this weeks #2 lower body workout:

  • Warm up cardio | duration – 3 songs | gliding from side to side | if you do not not have the glider you can just hop form side to side maintaining low squat position
  • Glute activation and endurance | 2 sets x 40 reps | resistance bands
  • Leg Work for Strength w/ Olympic bar | 3 rounds | 20 reps each
    • Front Squat | I started with 50 lb, 60lb , 70lb
  • Abs | 2 rounds x 20 reps



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