MTRW Of The Day | Lean To The Max

Hi guys,

My meeting was canceled so I could squeeze in a morning workout.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Warm up cardio | duration – 3 songs | speed rope – working on the double unders or really just being in pain since I cannot do them 🙂
  • Gymnastic rings work | 3 sets x 20

  • Upper body work for Strength with KB | 3 rounds x 20 reps each

    • Kettlebell (KB) chest press
    • KB shoulder press
    • KB front shoulder raise
    • KB lateral shoulder raise
    • KB biceps curls
    • KB overhead triceps extension
  • Abs | 3 sets x 20 each side

    • Side plank with knee (the one closest to the floor) to opposite elbow

The lightest KB I have is 25lb so that was fun:)

You can substitute KB with dumbbells, resistance bands, or clubbells. I will be using those for my next upper body workout. Sweet.



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