MTRW Of The Day | Lean All Over

Hi guys,

I have struggled with negative emotions for a while, they just come over like a way, then doubt sets in, and off we go the day has gone bad. And to come to think about it it all started with me not finding a shirt that I really just had to absolute wear or may be the traffic was bad so I come in with a sour face, and flick someone off while driving – why not I am so pissed they cut me off, right?!?!?!?. (Happy to say I do not do finger waving any more). I would let myself just being taken over by the current of others frustration and consume.

The reason I am saying this, is that last night my son really did not want to brush is teeth (yes for you its not a big deal but he is 8 and he think I make him work and do thins on purpose to punish him) he let his feeling take over and started being really upset and then we ended up talking about how one can accomplish anything and that he has the power over his emotions. Well it really came down to the fact hat he does not want to go to school because he is bored and it feels like a lifetime wasted when he is there. So I asked lets imagine “Mario Cart” game without math, without being able to read, without music. There will be no Mario. So while we take please is playing the game we should still remember that effort goes into making it and playing it and sometimes  he also gets bored when he cannot get through the level. He chipper when I said that, made me feel good because I hate it when he gets so frustrated.

Going back, to today, I had to give the chipper speech to myself. Because today I woke up and did not feel like doing anything, I slept in and being a stickler for time, I said I have not time and have to work. But then I knew that I will feel bad if I do not work out so I turned my thinking around and said I will go and start slow.  And today, was a bit of struggle but I turned it around and it was a great workout. May be not the best one I ever had but I got my glute #2 workout of the week and great abs works. So positive thinking is the key, so any chance you have practice the positive thinking to turn your day around. Yes, there are days when something real serious happens otherwise the rest is just details so please do not let yourself get lost in mundane.

So here is my this weeks #2 lower body workout:

  • Warm up cardio | duration – 3 songs | speed rope
  • Glute activation | 2 sets x 40 reps | resistance bands
  • Strength Work w/ Olympic bar | 4 rounds | 10 reps each
    • Power snatch I started with a 45 lb Olympic bar – still learning the technique | was too light to will raise to 65 lb next time
    • Unilateral Roman deadlift | 10 reps on each side is one set
    • Resistance band pull-down
    • Unilateral resistance band pull down
    • Side plank with a reach | 45 sec each side
  • Abs | 2 rounds x 20 reps



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