MTRW Of The Day | Get Back To It

Hi guys,

Happy friday. I have been sick since last week and pretty miserable through out the Pilates training weekend and all this week. I do think I turned a corner and starting to feel better.

By now, if you have been following my posts, you know that I am all over the place when it comes down to exercise. I love it all and have hard time focusing on one thing. Moreover, through the past year I have attended so many certification trainings I worn myself out and my training suffered as a result. Because there is only so much energy one person have and splitting it between my son, parents, boyfriend, work, training, studying, and this website – to say the least I ended up spreading myself too thin and a lot of areas of my person life suffered. I also do not have energy and drive. Too much is too much. So once Pilates training is done I will only have 1 training for each season. It is way too demanding and I lost the site of what I really enjoy – I love working out and getting my sweat on but with all the demands I plain have no energy and end up stuffing myself to have it which lead to low energy and no desire to workout – it’s too hard, the whole body feels swollen and refuses to do anything.

So today is the first of “Get Back To It” 30 day challenge. I am starting of with a whole body MTRW and a clean eating plan – limiting fruits and starchy card to the first half of the day. I have one day when I can go out and eat anything I want for one meal.

Here is today’s workout:

  • Core
  • Power | 2 X 10
    • Box jumps
    • Explosive push-ups
  • Strength | 2 x 15 reps

    • Superset 1:
      • Olympic bar ront squat | 75 lb
      • Dips
    • Superset 2:
      • Unilateral stiff legged deadlift | Olympic bar
      • KB Press | 25 lb
    • Superset 3:
    • Walking lunges | 25 lb sandbag
    • Reverse pullups
  • Metabolic Burn | GYMBOSS timer 20 double rounds of 15 sec rest X 20 sec work
    • Walking plank with push up
    • Jump lunges



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