MTRW Of The Day | Need to Drop 5 lb Fast

Hi guys,

Need to loose the last 5 or 10 lb and quickly, well here is a whole body workout that will shred you up and if you get to doing 10 rounds non-stop I will tell you – You will be lean, alright. Start of with doing the workout every other day with 5 rounds of the 10 exercises (below) 10 reps with 1 min rest between rounds. And keep adding rounds every week. You will loose the fat and get lean in no time. Once you can do 10 rounds non-stop then raise the weight and keep on sweating. Perform 10 reps for each exercises in a circuit fashion if too much take 30 sec break in between exercise but work towards no breaks. You will need 2 KB or 2 dumbbells. I used two 25lb kettlebells.

  1. Pulls ups
  2. KB Front Squat
  3. KB High Pulls
  4. KB Bend Over Row
  5. KB Deadlift
  6. KB Backward Lunge
  7. KB Good morning
  8. KB Side Lunge | KB racked upfront
  9. KB Swing to Row
  10. KB Around the World



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