MTRW Of The Day | Med Ball Sexy

Hi guys,

Here is a workout you can do anywhere you are and gain both strength and endurance with the Ugi ball or medicine ball.

Set up your Gymboss timer for 20 rounds of 10 sec rest and 60 sec work | 10exercises | 2 times around

  1. Ugi/med ball high knee taps
  2. Kneeling ugi/med ball soccer throw | do not let the ball go
  3. Ugi/med ball figure eight | draw a figure eight on the floor around your feet while being in squat position
  4. Ugi/med ball backward lunge + biceps curl
  5.  Ugi/med ball bridge + scull crushers
  6. Ugi/med ball pike
  7. Ugi/med ball forward lunges + twist
  8. Ugi/med ball plank with alternate leg extension | hands on the floor in plank position + top of the feet on the ball
  9. Jumping lunges + back foot on the Ugi/med ball
  10. Ugi/med ball push up  | one arm on the ball then switch through the center to the other side


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