MTRW Of The Day | Leg Shaper

Hi guys,

Here is today’s workout with abs bonus – of course 🙂

Workout Breakdown | Perform superset exercises back-to-back with max 45 sec rest in between | work towards 15-25 sec to stimulate lean muscle mass and fat burning | stretch for 45 sec between supersets

Superset 1

  • Front Olympic bar squats
  • Bench step ups

Superset 2

  • Olympic bar straight leg deadlift
  • Lunge back with 2 plates  | I used 2 x 25 lb plates

Superset 3

  • Leg presses
  • Walking forward lunges with 2 plates | I used 2 x 25 lb plates

Superset 4

  • Leg press machine calf raises
  • Standing unilateral calf-raises

Bonus Abs

  • Delcine sit ups with arms behind neck | do not pull on it though | scoop your abs in and up to protect your lower back and activate your traps and rhomboids
  • Incline low abs leg lifts | your bum is coming of the bench to activate your serratus anterior, obligues, and rectus abdominis

And do not forget to have fun. I actually had a chance to round it up with a Zumba class. Tania as always was rocking it – she has great energy.
Tomorrow is delt’s | tri’s | bi’s so stay tuned.


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